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Hyderabad: Beginner's Guide :)
20-07-2012, 12:43 AM (This post was last modified: 22-07-2013 01:22 AM by shield.)
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Hyderabad: Beginner's Guide :)
***POST UPDATED FOR 2013 Batch Students***

This article is heavily inspired by the article on Goa. Please don’t mind the plagiarism. Tongue

BITS, Pilani Hyderabad Campus

The city of Nizams, the lip-smacking Biryani[ especially from Paradise], the pearls, the booming IT-hub and also the sixth largest metropolis of India- Hyderabad! The Hyderabad campus started in 2008 and is spread over 240 acres in scenic environs away from the hush-bush of the city.


The campus as of now has 8 hostels: Ram Bhawan, Krishna Bhawan, Shankar Bhawan on one side of Mess-1, and Gandhi Bhawan, Buddh Bhawan and Vyas Bhawan on the other side of it.
Meera Bhawan and Malviya Bhawan lie across the Central Lawns, both built on either sides of Mess-2.

All hostels are 3 floors except Malviya Bhawan which is 4 floors. All hostels have single-seater rooms.

a) Hostel classification-

The first 6 hostels mentioned are for boys. On arrival, a student is allotted a hostel room at random but the batches are kept together. 2013 admits would be allotted Krishna Bhawan and Ram Bhawan[boys] and Malviya Bhawan[girls].
The hostel that one has been allotted at the time of admission usually changes after 1st year. However, the 2010 batch has retained their hostels for the 3rd year too. After 1st year, room allottment is a random process too, though room swapping to stay with friends is common.


Each floor has 3 washrooms out of which 2 are large and 1 is a little smaller. Each larger washroom has 6 wash basins with mirrors. Also, each washroom has 6 urinals and 6 Asian squat("Indian style") + Western toilet (3-3 of both). Each smaller washroom has 2 Indian style toilets and 2 bathrooms with no urinals.
Each large washroom has 6 bathrooms. Water is available 24 hours. Each bathroom has a shower, a tap and a hook for clothes. Both tap and shower supply cold water by fitting. There are 2 taps in the washrooms, near the bathrooms which supply hot water through solar geysers 24X7.
Mosquito sprays are done DAILY in the drain holes of each washroom.


The Hyderabad campus boasts of the largest rooms in all campuses of BITS- Pilani. You can fit in a double bed and still have lots of space to walk around! You are provided with a computer-table with proper space for keeping your keyboard. The table is large enough and has three drawers, one large enough that you can store a lot of books etc. in it.
You are also given a well cushioned-chair and a metal almirah with proper partitions (with an iron rod at the top for hanging clothes). However, your first-year hostels [boys] would have wooden almirahs embedded in the walls. There is also lots of free space above the wooden almirah for keeping your stuff, which is guarded by wooden doors.
Apart from that, you get a wooden cot (you have to buy a mattress), one tubelight and a fan with regulator.

There are three power points in the room and LAN port, close to the table. Rooms have large sized windows. Usually, Kurl-on guys are on campus when new students arrive. You can buy your mattress and cushions from them.

Also, you are provided curtain rods for the windows and two hooks are permanently fitted on the walls if you need to make a clothes line for drying clothes etc. There is a lot of space outside the window that you can put a few wet clothes there too.

None of the rooms in Hyderabad have balconies though. Sad

d) Common rooms-

Each hostel usually has 4 common rooms out which 2 of them have Sony LCD TVs with TATA Sky, several metallic chairs like the ones you see in hospitals, all joined to each other in a metallic frame.
In one of the remaining common rooms, you have 2 foose ball tables while in the other, you have 2 TT tables installed. You also have carom-boards in the common rooms.
You also get to read a number of magazines on several topics. You can request your Hostel Representative to procure any particular magazine/newspaper that you would like to read.

e) QT- The playing area inside each hostel

Each hostel has a playing area within known as the QT. The QT has facilities for games like badminton, volleyball etc. A few indoor cricket matches are also played in the QT. You can either use your own sports equipment or obtain it from the hostel Chowkidar by signing the hostel register and returning him the stuff after you are done.
The QT will also be the place where you would be ransacked on your birthday! Smile

f) Corridors

The corridors in Hyderabad are very spacious that around 5-6 people can walk together side by side. Each hostel floor has 5-6 big dustbins. The corridors are cleaned on a daily basis. Phenyl cleaning is usually done twice every month. Also, mosquito sprays are done regularly, more often in summers.

g) Water-coolers

Each floor has 3 water coolers which are cleaned regularly.

h) Hostel Superintendents and Chowkidars

Every small maintenance work regarding the hostels and immediate general welfare of the hostel students is under these people. The hostel chowkidar lives on the ground floor in one room while the superintendent stays in a quarter very close to the hostels.
TIP- Befriending the chowkidar is extremely favourable. Smile

i) Hostel Wardens

They are usually members of the faculty. They rarely visit the hostels for inspections. Inspections are usually limited to a stroll in the balconies and an occasional talk with a student here and there. However, they take no time in taking action if you get caught doing something objectionable. It would be better to inform you that BITS is very strict regarding cases related to drug abuse. There have been cases where people have been debarred for one entire semester for indulging in these activities. You would not be given a second chance at all. Smoking too is prohibited. You would be warned when caught smoking for the first time but might be suspended for a part of the semester if caught again. You would not want to take this lightly as people have repented for spoiling their careers because of this.

j) Internet

You have to get LAN cable to use the internet (available in Connaught Place- the college market as well). There is a 90 Mbps leased line that caters to the college. I have no information if there has been any increase in bandwidth recently though. This connection is shared through a certain ratio by the academic blocks, teachers’ quarters and hostels. One needs to log in via Cyberoam Client to be able to access the internet.

Facebook has not been blocked. The censorship via Cyberoam web filter is absurd and you may be restricted to view even a simple, educational page. The very utterance of the word ‘game’ is blocked for instance. Please work out other examples on your own. Tongue

There is no limit on usage in the campus and can use the internet as much as you want. However, there is a restriction on Internet between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. You get connectivity all day long on Sunday.

k) DC

DC is a peer-to-peer software intended for file sharing and will be a major life support system for you at BITS. You won’t feel the urge to watch TV as everthing from Youtube videos, movies in Blu-Ray, sitcoms, music, games and software, e-books, lecture slides, past year question papers etc are shared on DC. DC has data in TBs and there are 3 hubs, with their addresses and separate admins. Missed an episode from Roadies at 7 pm? You can watch it via DC ad-free at 8:30 pm! You would miss DC like hell when at home. We people are used to downloading several GBs of stuff for spending holidays!

l) Cleaning

Washrooms are cleaned almost every day but you need to clean your room yourself.

m) Restrictions

Heavy electrical appliances like iron, hairdryers etc. are not allowed but bring them along if you want to use, no one has stopped anyone yet. You are required to maintain the decorum of the hostels and act in a manner which is in keeping with your admission to such a reputed institution.

Students have a hostel in-time set to 12:00 AM after which you cannot enter/leave the hostels except during fests and other college events when restrictions are revoked. The current students have been protesting out loud to effect a change in these rules but haven’t been very successful as of yet. The struggle continues!

n) Hostel Representative

HRep is elected by the students of that hostel. The elections are on similar lines for that of the Student Union and happen on the same day too. The HRep communicates your requests to the higher-ups and might sometimes appoint Floor Reps. The floor reps work under the HRep and visit you regularly, requesting you to register any suggestions/complaints/requests that you might have. The HRep also ensures that your complaints are taken care of.

o) Mess Representatives- Student Mess Council

The Mess Council is a body of 4-5 students elected alongside the SU elections. You are free to suggest changes [read bark out loud] in the food quality/ menu. The SMC is an active body instrumental in bringing out special menus for special days like festivals. They say they are torn between restrictions from the college authorities, the stubborn mess contractors and the howling students. The SMC runs a dedicated Facebook page too.
TIP- You have to eat to survive. If you survive to eat, sorry, wrong place!

The central lawns make you feel you are someplace far away from the real world. Huge rocks adorn the central lawns. Large artificial waterfalls have been installed on the rocks, bringing you close to nature. It is common to see students hang out there post dinner. It is the most beautiful place on campus! A path through the lawns takes you to the Academic blocks.


There are two messes on campus. Mess 1 caters to around 1500 students while Mess 2 to the remaining 900~1000. Mess 1 as already told is near the boys hostels while Mess 2 is near the girls hostels. Except for the 1st month of each semester, you are free to register yourself for any mess you want to via an online registration conducted by the SMC at the end of each month for the subsequent month. Boys dine at Mess 1 and girls at Mess 2 for the first month of each semester. If you fail to register, you are allotted a default mess- a mess chosen at random by the SMC to be the default mess for that month. However, you are allowed to mutually exchange messes with anyone who is ready to make the switch to the other mess.
You are required to give your fingerprints before entry into each mess so that you don't take plates twice. You are also entitled to a maximum of 5 grace days for which you are not billed. However, you need to inform the mess guy a day in advance [until 12 noon of the previous day] for availing the grace day(s).

TIP- The food is anyway not tasty to be eaten more than once!

Sometimes, specials like egg curry and chicken curry are made available for which you have to pay extra on the spot.

You are billed for food daily for all the four times whether you eat or not. Messes serve breakfast from 7:30 AM to 9:45 AM, lunch from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM, snacks from 4:30 PM to 6:15 PM and dinner from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The menu for each of these changes every day for 7 days but same menu is repeated every week.Special lunch is served in messes on special days as told.

From 11:00 PM onwards, both messes turn into Night Canteens where the menu is broader and the food tastier which obviously is paid. Dosa, parantha, manchurian, noodles; coffee, iced tea, omelette, half-boiled eggs chhole bhature, bournvita etc. are made available. The NCs are open till midnight.

A fruit and juice stall runs within Mess 1 from 7:00 pm to midnight. The juices sold are pure. Various other fruits are also sold at the stall.

It is the regular hangout place for most of us. It sells all Amul products here ranging from the 5 Rs. Mango dolly to the 70 Rs. Pizza. Also sells tea and coffee apart from Amul Kool etc. If you want to have proper milk, you can get half a liter packs of Amul milk at the parlour.


A BRU stall operates from the small lawn in front of Mess 1. The place sells coffee, tea, instant noodles, ice-creams etc. The place stays open for most part of the day beginning usually at 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM- midnight.

This stall operates in front of Mess 2 and sells the famous Paani-Puri/ Fuchka/ Gol Gappe and other eatables like Chicken/Egg rolls, omelettes, maggi etc. .


The institute building has been divided into blocks A-G.

The classrooms are modern. They are fully air-conditioned, nice furniture, projectors and projector boards, computer for the instructor to show slides using projector, chalkboards and dedicated instructors. There are huge lecture theatres in block F. Two of them are capable of handling around 400-450 students each while the other 4 can handle around 200-250 students each. Instructors use mics in theatres. Wi-fi is present in blocks B,C,F, cafeteria and the library. Considered to be part of the institute building but not physically present inside the building is the Workshop with latest machinery.


As per BITS Connect 2.0, an initiative of BITSAA, the alumni association, BITS Pilani in collaboration with CISCO set up a technology where students from all campuses can take courses and attend lectures via a state of the art Telepresence classroom facility. The lecture hall is equipped with teleconferencing facilities using which faculty from any campus can directly interact with students sitting miles apart in another BITS campus. Each seat in the lecture hall has a microphone which when turned on focuses an automated camera towards you and then you can put up questions etc directly to the faculty. Such lecture halls exist in all BITS campuses.


The cafeteria is the best place to eat on campus. A wide array of edibles from regular food to burgers, chips, puffs, rolls, soft drinks etc. can be bought here.

I. CONNAUGHT PLACE- The College Market

a) SBH Bank

There is a SBH bank branch where you will have to open your account, your fees and dues will be paid through this account only.

b) State Bank ATM

c) Viceroy Restaurant

It serves veg. and non-veg. Indian and Chinese food. The quality is good. The restaurant is a branch of the Viceroy Dhaba 3 kms away in Village Thumkunta.

d) Laundry

There is a laundry too. The laundry guy is extremely dull and slow. He might give absurd reasons for not washing the clothes in time.
TIP- He is also capable of misplacing your clothes. BEWARE!

Also, a dhobi visits each hostel on a certain day each week. He is fine but non-Telugu people find it a problem to interact with him as he does not speak any other language. It is advisable to take a translator along if you want him to serve you.

e) Stationary shop- Karuturi

This is my favourite shop on campus. The uncle-aunty duo is the most pleasant couple on campus. They sell everything from stationary items to pen drives to cricket balls etc. You can buy LAN cables, book train tickets or take printouts/Xerox from this shop. They also sell SIM cards and recharge coupons. You will be able to order lab-coats and goggles required for Workshop and other labs here. Go no further. Karuturi rocks!

f) A vegetable/fruit shop

Fruits and vegetables for faculty and students.

g) MORE Supermarket

Aditya Birla Group owned More is a supermarket satisfying every need from bucket and shampoo to Lays and Real juice. Fruits and vegetables can be bought from here too.

h) Beauty Parlour

For girls. Also works as part-time tailor, so even guys take their services.

i) Men's Hair Saloon
Just OK! Kaam chalau.

j) Book Syndicate Book Store

A book store having novels and course books. Buy from seniors whenever possible.

k) Bakery
This bakery sells a lot of eatables like Maggi, Chicken 65, pastries, chips, toffees, Paani-Puri, cold drinks etc etc etc.

l) Beauty Parlour
For girls. Sells buckets, dustbins, mops, brooms, mugs, key chains etc. during the start of the semester. Also sells cotton filled mattresses.

TIP- The mattresses are way too over-priced. Kurl-on is what you should buy.

m) Heritage- Xerox guy. Sells SIM cards. Collects postpaid bills. Sells a few stationary items.

n) Chemist- The medicine man. More intelligent than the doctor in MedC [Medical Centre].


This is the newest building on campus and the best too! Simply mindblowing infrastructure! Extremely huge. It is fully air-conditioned and as told, Wi-fi is available. You can issue upto 5 books at a time for a 2 week period. You are also allowed to carry books home for vacations. The college has subscribed to a lot of magazines/journals/newspapers which you can read here.

The IntraBITS services allow you to access the library catalogue from your rooms. By paying a nominal fee, you can reserve books for yourself and can also track the due dates and pending library dues on the library website. You receive e-mails when a book is issued or returned to the library by you. Reminders are sent to you daily in case you don’t return the books by due date.

A xerox machine has been installed in the library as well.

A plethora of books are available online via membership to which you will get once you join campus. This service is available for students and teachers of all campuses of BITS-Pilani.


As told, the B block houses the IPCs, 4 of which are accessible to students from 9 AM to 8:30 PM. Students with no laptop go here when they have some computer/internet related work. Facebook works even here! It is also the site of gaming events during the college fest.


The audi is under construction and will be ready by December before Hyderabad hosts BITSAA Global Meet 2014 to celebrate 50 years of BITS Pilani. It is the last building to be constructed apart from the swimming pool complex. It is being constructed under a penalty clause i.e. in the event of any delay by the college in release of funds, BITS will have to pay the contractor/builder extra and in the event of any delay in construction by the builder, he would be paid a lesser amount in total by BITS.


SAC has badminton courts with excellent wood flooring out of which one each is reserved for girls and for staff members, a gym with separate sections for boys and girls, a Dance club room, an Arts N' Deco room, a room for the Music Club, a chess/carom room and a central area meant for events like Music Night, Prom Night, Classical Night etc. Also considered part of the SAC are outdoor courts- two newly made basketball courts, two newly made lawn tennis courts and almost ready football and cricket grounds.


There is a MedC near the SAC with a small OT. The institute has an ambulance of its own and has tie-ups with major hospitals in case immediate medical attention is required.


For faculty members' children, having small slides and open wide spaces. Students are not allowed here.


 English Language Activities Society (ELAS) — This club is the official literary club on campus, which organises literary contests
 Music Club — This club fosters the learning and performance of music of all types on campus
 Dance Club — This club is the official dance club of the campus and admits members specialising in all genres of the art
 Photography Club — The official club for the shutterbugs on campus, conducting competitions
 VFX Club — This club is the home of people who wish to work with visual effects on campus
 Shades — The official art club of the campus. It is a burgeoning club promoting art and craft in the campus. It promotes all types of fine art like painting, sketching, drawing, etc. Its main is to give people a platform where they can share and work upon their talents. It regularly conducts workshops and sessions where people come and nurture their talent. It is also active in decorating the campus during events.
 Quiz Club — The official quizzing club of the campus, responsible for organising quizzes on all topics
 Dramatics club — The drama club has performers in various genres, from tragedies to spoofs
 Ad-Astra — The official astronomy club of the campus. Organizes programmes for students to witness lunar events
 Crux — The club for programming. Limited intake, and is responsible for the coding genius of the college.
 Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) — CEL is a center of excellence at BITS, Pilani and is the entrepreneurial community and the entrepreneurship cell at the Hyderabad campus. It aims to inculcate entrepreneurial thinking amongst the BITSians and inspires them to consider self-employment as a viable career option. It also inspires and supports student startups on campus.

All college events are solely organized by students. There is a lot of activity on campus throughout the year. Each club/department organizes several events on a regular basis, technical as well as non-technical. You also have DJ nights, freshers’ night, farewell parties, music night, dance, PROM night [usually a part of PEARL] etc. Festivals like Dusshera/ Dasara, Diwali, Lohri, Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Holi, Pongal, Onam, Ugadi, Bengali New Year etc. are celebrated with huge fanfare each year. National days are obviously celebrated. Kite-flying is a regular event on Makar Sankranti.
PERSONAL VIEW- Festivals largely promote Unity in Diversity. You get to know the cultures of people from different states of India and varying backgrounds in BITS. Smile

Various inter-hostel/ inter-disciplinary sporting events are also conducted especially cricketing events. Once in a while, friendly basketball matches are organized with teams from other colleges like NALSAR and IIT-Hyderabad.

a) Shangri-La- Largely the precursor to Pearl and is held in October/November AFAI remember. The Pearl logo and theme are unveiled during Shangri-La. It is a two day festival involving various cultural events.

b) Pearl- The cultural fest of BITS Hyderabad

Pearl is the largest event on campus held in February. It is a 4 day extravaganza and includes cultural events. Pearl gets bigger and better each time. All assocs/clubs work day in day out to organize their events. It is the best time one spends in college. SO much happens during Pearl that words would not do much justice to it. I will not elaborate any further on Pearl and request you to wait for it to come. Big Grin Smile

c) ATMOS- The tech fest

ATMOS debuted last year and includes an array of technical events. It is organized in October.

d)ARENA- The sports fest

ARENA began this year and saw participation from a number of colleges based out of Hyderabad and elsewhere.

e)Tedx BITSHyderabad-
Debuted last year. TED event at Hyderabad Campus.

You can visit their individual websites for further information.


You are not allowed to keep motorized vehicles in the campus, cycles are allowed. Bus no. 212 runs from the campus gates till Secunderabad Railway Station every 2 hours from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Exact timings can be obtained from the campus website.

4 star resort Alankrita is roughly 3 kms. away from campus and is a major hangout place for BITSians. It serves awesome food. The facilities are brilliant as well. It is the ideal birthday location. 5 star Leonia Resort is also nearby but is visited only by people who have access to a lot of Gandhijis. Big Grin

Classes are usually from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You might have extra classes upto 6:00 at times and a few tests here and there on Sundays. According to the timetable for the coming semester, you will have a few tests at 5:00 PM as well.

Powercuts are rare. You will have backup only in the Insti building/library and the hostel corridors. It is the time of social interaction for people who rarely step out of their rooms!

Idea is the preferred network on campus. You also get BSNL and Vodafone signals but they aren't very good. You have 3G available too.
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20-07-2012, 01:06 AM
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yoyo! Great work! Big Grin
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20-07-2012, 07:01 AM
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yoyo 8)
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20-07-2012, 09:17 AM
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\m/ great !
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20-07-2012, 10:27 AM
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was realy looking for this version.of BPHC. thnx bhaiyaa.
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20-07-2012, 11:09 AM
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Great post!

You rock Ankit bhaiya :salute: :headbang:
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\m/ 8) 8)
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20-07-2012, 11:27 AM
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Internet is now available after midnight on sundays till 9AM on monday morning.
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20-07-2012, 11:34 AM
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aniket110493 Wrote:Great!

Internet is now available after midnight on sundays till 9AM on monday morning.

You sure about that Aniket?AFAIK it is blocked.
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20-07-2012, 12:43 PM
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ankitgupta Wrote:
aniket110493 Wrote:Great!

Internet is now available after midnight on sundays till 9AM on monday morning.

You sure about that Aniket?AFAIK it is blocked.
Yup,it is no longer blocked after 12 PM on sundays.
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